We support adults that are estranged from their family or key family member

We're here to help people of all ages that become estranged or disowned from their family or key family member. It's unfortunate that not all people in the UK have a close and content family experience. Our latest research from Ipsos MORI shows that 1 in 5 families in the UK will be affected by estrangement and over 5 million people have decided to cut contact with at least one family member.

However long an estrangement lasts, we understand how difficult it can be to endure the silence, the stigma and the isolation that can stem from living without a close family.

Before finding Stand Alone, many of our beneficiaries felt unable to speak openly about difficult family situations with their friends or partners for fear of judgement or rejection.

In the first year of our operation we helped over one hundred people in the London area to meet another person that understood their difficult family situation and the experience of the the living loss.

What are we doing for you?

We are offering innovative advice and support services for all people experiencing estrangement. We help people of all ages who feel they have been cut off as well as those who have walked away. Our services are currently focussed in London, Sheffield and Newcastle.

We run  meet-up groups, a range of goal based therapeutic workshops and a ‘mentor’ programme to connect people for ongoing emotional support.

We also have  information and advice guides for all people experiencing estrangement or disownment.

What are we doing with organisations?

We work with Student Loans Company to help guide policy on estrangement for young people in higher education, and we are facilitating more comprehensive research on the prevalence and impact of this position for young people.

What are we learning?

There is an absence of comprehensive research into family estrangement. We believe that greater formal understanding of estrangement, disownment and its impact is necessary to define the needs of people in this position.

We have built meaningful relationships with university research departments and independent researchers to improve knowledge in this area. At the same time, we are starting to sit with key government stakeholders to inform on social policy for estranged students and also young people at risk of homelessness.

You can read our prevalence research by clicking here, made in partnership with IpsosMORI:



At the same time, we want to continue to break down the stigma around family estrangement by raising awareness. We are currently offering case studies to the media that illustrate the difficulties that parents face when estranged from their child, and indeed the necessity for adult children to step away from a dangerous or emotionally dysfunctional family.

There are always instances where it’s right to find judgement-free help with a difficult family situation.