Meeting People

There are two ways that you can meet others in our community:

Support Groups

Our support groups give you the chance to meet people in your locality and talk broadly about family estrangement, its impact and any struggles you might be having.

It can be helpful to meet others in the same position, and we give out questions to break the ice and find shared experiences. These are talking groups and are run by a facilitator who can keep the space fair and safe, and run over six sessions.

We have support groups in London, Newcastle and Sheffield.

There is a small registration charge to join the groups, which is equivalent to £2.50 per session. You will be asked to submit this when you have been offered a place in a group, after registering your interest. Those who are low waged or receiving state benefits of any kind (including state pension) will not need to submit this.

*We have closed the waiting list for our support groups due to high demand. We plan to reopen it in early 2018.*

*If you would like to meet others in a similar position, please consider attending one of our workshops in Brighton, Bristol, Manchester or Liverpool.*

Therapeutic Workshops

Our one day therapeutic workshops explore the feelings associated with family estrangement as well as giving you the practical tools to help you to adjust to your situation.

-Adjusting to your estrangement

-The impact on identity

-Managing worry and rumination


-Understanding shame

Registration is now open for our ‘Coping with Christmas’ workshops in Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester.